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Tunnel of the Damned - A Brand New Haunt Experience

  • When: Saturday, October 17, 2020,  6:00 pm
  • Location: 6362 International Drive, Orlando, FL, 32819
  • Cost: $17.95 - $69.95

The main attraction at the “Orlando Forum of Fear” is the haunted maze, designed and executed by creative horror masterminds Patrick Braillard and Kim Gromoll, both formerly behind many of the most infamous mazes at Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Florida. The attraction, recommended for ages 13 and up, will feature 20 masked actors and will wind 480 linear feet of horrifying madness through the venue. Throughout the season the maze will morph from the ‘Tunnel of the Damned’ to the ‘City Overtaken’ and will conclude with ‘Apocalypse,’ giving fear fans a reason to come back over and over again for new scares and frights.

“As you stand at the edge of the tunnel you fear that you may become lost. As you gaze forward and hear something screeching just beyond your field of vision, you understand that you may never return. But as you stare into the light emanating from the darkened passageway you know one thing is certain.

The only way out is through.”


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